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Purair - Professional Carbon Filter Manufacturer
Established in 2004, Purair has developed in a high speed in the last decade and it will continuously develop in the future decades with the complete products, strict quality control and firm mission.
Complete products

Purair is a professional manufacturer of activated carbon material, carbon filter and other related products. We have complete products which can satisfy more customers and suit more applications. Main products are as follows:

Activated carbon.
Activated carbon foam.
Sandwich activated carbon cloth.
Honeycomb activated carbon filter.
Pleated carbon filter.
Activated carbon filter panel.
Air carbon filter.
Impregnated cellulose carbon filter.
HEPA filter.

Quality control

Quality is the key link between customers and us. We have strict quality control system to ensure the products our customer received is the best.

Material. All raw material we use are tes... [Detailed]
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